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Using cameras in your CPI smart home

Video for security and more

Cameras really are the hottest new home accessories, and they’re an important part of any home security system. Having security cameras not only deters intruders, but can also provide that invaluable peace of mind that comes from knowing your children have made it in or that your home is completely safe.

With the constant improvements to technology, there are more ways to incorporate cameras, video surveillance and recording into your smart home system than ever before. And every home security system can be customized to include the exact devices you’re interested in. Here’s a brief run through of the options.

Camera options

The wireless video camera options you can incorporate into your smart home system all include HD quality video:

  • Indoor camera – keep a watchful eye on your kids, pets, or valuables inside the home with these cameras. By having them positioned strategically throughout your home, you can monitor large areas to see every detail happening in the home. Is homework getting done? Did that naughty dog of yours jump back up on the couch again? You’ll feel like you’re home even when you aren’t.
  • Outdoor camera – an exterior camera allows you to view the outside of your home day or night, whether you’re home or away. Watch your child take out the trash, see a package get left at your back door, or monitor cars that pull into the driveway. Outdoor cameras are also an important safety feature, as they deter burglars.
  • Outdoor dome camera – this particular outdoor camera gives you a wider, expanded view from any location. Perfect for security monitoring purposes.
  • Doorbell camera – last but certainly not least, this is an invaluable camera for both safety and convenience uses. The doorbell camera lets you know who is at your front door, even before they ring the doorbell. See the cable guy arrive, let in your kids when they get home from school, monitor packages that have been delivered, and so much more.


Camera capabilities and features

  • Live stream – watch what’s going on in and around your home in real-time.
  • Recorded video –24/7 video recording is also available with CPI’s Streaming Video Recorder (SVR) feature.
  • Motion sensor – your cameras can detect movement. Set up alerts to receive notifications when motion is detected, or simply turn off notifications in high traffic areas when you know the kids or pets will be running around.
  • Infra-Red LEDs – this feature of our inTouch Outdoor Camera allows you to see at nighttime, offering up to 40 feet visibility even in total darkness.
  • Digital microphone and speaker – cameras equipped with these features, like our inTouch HD Doorbell Camera, allow you to speak to visitors directly through the camera unit.
  • Communicate with authorities – in case of an emergency, a camera can be a valuable part of communication with authorities. In the event of an alarm, we use audio and video in real-time to confirm the event and reduce false alarms.


Camera access

Now that you know a bit about the different cameras and what they can do, you may be wondering exactly how you can use them yourself. And we think this is the best part. Your cameras can all be remotely controlled with the CPI inTouch app on your smartphone, tablet, or laptop.

Watch live or recorded video feeds from any of your indoor and outdoor cameras. You can easily switch between cameras or views for ultimate monitoring. The latest and greatest technology even allows for two-way voice, meaning you can have a conversation with your kids at home or someone at your door all through your smartphone.

Are you interested in customizing your smart home with cameras? As you can tell, the options are endless. Learn more.

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