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"There’s An App For That"


I used to hear that phrase and think that there couldn’t possibly be an automated solution for everything, but today I think I’ve been proven wrong.  

There are few things I can’t stand more than having to get the oil changed in my car.  It’s a whole ordeal. You have to make the appointment, drop your car off or wait for an hour -which inevitably takes longer- and then hear the laundry list of other things you need fixed.  Side note, I have never gone to one of those fast oil change places without hearing that my cabin air filter is dirtier than a truck stop bathroom only to have them parade it out and shame me into purchasing a new one. But let me tell you, “there’s an app for that.”  I downloaded a new app and I’m having my oil changed at work while I type this. 

Can I say this is life changing?  I’ve already embraced the world of online shopping with open arms.  My husband has come to expect there will always be a box on our front door step. I’ve ordered groceries online and had them delivered to my car.  I’m worried that my smartphone knows me better than my mom considering it knows where I’m going before I do with traffic alerts. I’ve even figured out a way to get my home to work for me… using, you guessed it, another app!  I get texts when the dog walker comes in, my thermostat adjusts automatically each day, and I set a light schedule so I never come home to a dark house.  I even have a doorbell camera that tells me when someone is on my porch. It sends a notification through the app on my smart phone and I can speak with them, in real-time, through the doorbell!  The best part is that the app is an easy-to-use, command center for my CPI home security system. So if something happens, a break-in, a fire, a water leak, to name a few, the CPI app will let me know right away. More importantly, CPI will know and they will send the authorities. What a time to be alive! 

So now I raise a very important question… should I feel guilty that I’ve figured out a way to make my life more efficient? I think not.  I’m a full believer in, “work smarter, not harder” and if the key to a life of convenience is an app, count me in!

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